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Transform your awning into protected living space

Product#: MN14
Price: AU$ 180   (€ 130; US$ 190)

Product#: MN20
Price: AU$ 185   (€ 140; US$ 200)

Product#: MN25
Price: AU$ 190   (€ 150; US$ 210)

Product availability: see further below

Custom-made for the Gordigear Gumtree awnings, our Gumtree Mesh Room is one of the most innovative add-ons we designed for this product.


It attaches to the awning via our proven sail track and zip mechanism and offers a protected and covered living area within seconds. The mesh room is not free-standing, it requires a Gumtree awning. The extra close-meshed mosquito net covers all four sides as well as the ceiling to provide the perfect insect protection. An entrance towards the car allows vehicle access without the need to leave the covered area. Use it to cook, to sleep in during warmer nights, to gut your fish or just to enjoy a drink or two with your fellow travellers - no insects or creepy crawlies will spoil the outdoor experience any more!

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Product availability

  Australia Europe United States
Gumtree 1.4m Mesh Room (MN14) not
available now available now
Gumtree 2.0m Mesh Room (MN20) not
available now available now
Gumtree 2.5m Mesh Room (MN25) not
available now available now

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