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With over 20 years experience and a global distribution network, we are confident that we can meet our customers' high demands. From the outset, we designed and specified our products to withstand the unforgiving conditions of the Australian continent. Outdoor products that work and survive there, will most certainly work and survive anywhere in the world.

Keeping it simple

Gordigear only manufactures trailer tents, car roof tents, car awnings and related items. Keeping it simple and our portfolio concise allows us to maintain full control of the production process, from product development through to quality control. Most importantly, it also enables us to dedicate time for customer and after sales service. We know our products and are renowned for looking after our clients. Should you have any questions regarding Gordigear equipment, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time via one of the methods listed on our contact page. We are a brick and mortar company so feel free to visit us at our workshop at your convenience for a product inspection or to have a chat with us.

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We keep spare parts and accessories for all our articles on stock, so you can purchase Gordigear products with confidence and the assurance of getting the most out of your investment for years to come.

Adding value, not costs

By far the most frequently asked question we get is how we are able to supply such high quality equipment at such a competitive price. Our answer is quite simple: in everything we do, we follow a philosophy of “adding value, not costs.” For every dollar we spend, we scrutinise whether or not it adds value to the product or customer experience. Consequently, we limit our marketing efforts to a relatively small selection of trade shows and instead rely on word-of-mouth advertising.

A significant proportion of product improvements and developments is originated by existing Gordigear customers. We listen to what you have to say and would like to hear from you, whether you already own Gordigear equipment or not.
Enjoy the great outdoors!

Your Gordigear Team