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    Camper trailer build with test run
 Släpvagn Tält 
 Bil Markis 
Camper trailer build with subsequent test run

Thomas tasked himself with building a camper trailer for future family holidays and opted for a combination of Humbaur trailer with Gordigear Savannah trailer tent. The project itself as well as the subsequent test run, aka. holiday near Mannheim, were photo-documented and Thomas was kind enough to share the images with us. From the outset, it was clear that he didn't want to do without the comfort of gas struts as they facilitate trailer access enormously. However, he abandoned the idea of permanently fitting the tent onto the trailer, which an installation via gas struts usually entails, since he wanted to use the trailer for purposes other than camping, too. Consequently, Thomas used a combination of detachable frame with tensioning clamps, which allows the tent to be removed in just a few simple steps.

Tack för text och/eller bilder till Matthias Barth.