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    London - Johannesburg Overland 4×4 Trek
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London - Johannesburg Overland 4×4 Trek

We are doing a half-year Trans-African Overland 4×4 Trek from London to Johannesburg via East Africa, with myself, Nic Andela, my wife Nicky, our 2 year old daughter baby Lily and my father Sib Andela, in aid of raising money for St John’s Hospice in the UK and Fatima House in South Africa. We were initially going to go down West Africa, but with recent kidnappings and problems in Mali we have decided to change our route for the East. It is a challenging journey getting the whole family home safely. It’s all for a good cause so if you have some pennies, both these organisations would greatly appreciate you donations:

St John’s Hospice

Fatimah House

We have to take time to thank Franz at Gordigear for helping us with our Tent Room that provided us with so many great nights already, while heading south towards South Africa. The awning tent is lighter than a roof tent and very practical in the sense that you have so much space in the room and leave lots of packing space on the roof rack. Consider getting one for your next trip!

Artwork and/or text courtesy of Nic Andela.