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    Africa Step by Step
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Africa Step by Step

Hello from Salzburg, after our return from South Africa and Namibia, I just wanted to get in contact with feedback about your roof tent. It had to pass the first endurance test prior to our departure... we installed it in August and didn't leave until 9 months later in May. During that time, car and tent weren't garaged and endured rain, mist, sun and heat, as well as a 40cm snow cover. When we opened it again for a quick check before the start of our journey, everything was perfect, no mildew, just as if we had it installed an hour ago! During our trip through southern Africa we camped at -6 degrees in the Namib, we closed the windows and found the tent even provides a little bit of protection from the cold. The flysheet was frozen in the morning, but inside the tent everything was cosy. Whilst travelling the coastal regions, we had 48 hours of severe sand storms, everything was covered in dust, but we were again well-protected inside the tent. The tent also remained dry after 2 days of continuous rainfall in South Africa. It took only 2 hours to dry the next day when the sun came out again. In the Karoo region we encountered annyoing mosquitoes and flys - during the night we didn't get bitten once. The two of us together manage setup of the tent in about 3 minutes. Even the installation itself was easy. Roof racks and installed tent have so far travelled 6800 kilometres, 4500 of which were off-road. You've really built a great tent! We are more than happy with it!

We call our tour 'Africa step by step', because we will fly into Africa twice per year to continue with the next stage of our journey. We hope to cover southern and eastern Africa that way. It will take us 3, 4 or even 5 years.... so far we have covered: Port Elizabeth, Garden Route with Jeffreys Bay, Outshorn, Hermanus, Capetown, Springbock, Namibia, Fishriver Canyon, Namib with Soussusvlei, Lüderitz, Swakopmung, Otawi, Kuene River, Etosha, Windhoek... to be continued next Easter, from Windhoek to Livingston, Sambia.

Artwork and/or text courtesy of Dani & Werner.