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    On the road to make a difference
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On the road to make a difference

Wheel Wishers is established with the mission to alleviate human, animal and environmental sufferings in the world because we believe that these sufferings equally deserve our attention in creating a better world for next generations to come. Our primary objective is to find truly innovative and effective solutions to the greatest problems faced by our civilization. We have seen from our experience working in many countries, that there are countless numbers of innovative solutions, whether it is in the form of social enterprises, corporate social responsibility projects or simple (community-based) activities driven by very passionate individuals and/or communities. We believe it is important to document, analyze and inform a wide public about these innovative solutions.

Wheel Wishers is managed by Marije and Steven, who embark on a journey from South Korea to South Africa in their Kia Bongo. En route they visit more than 20 countries and over 100 innovative initiatives of individuals that make a positive difference to the communities they live in. For more details check out their website: wheelwishers.org