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    Romania in Three Weeks
 Camper Trailers 
 Автомобильные навесы 
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Romania - Between Past and Present

An eventful history, huge forests, high mountains and plenty of regions that just wait to be discovered by four-wheel-drive. Since I visited Romania on previous occasions and was also born there, I pretty much knew what I was in for. But that was exactly what I was after - where else can you see farmers working the fields with horses or the whole family collaborating together to harvest potatoes? Or geese, chicken and cows roaming villages freely... Apart from that, there is an abundance of national parks, ideal for hiking and mountaineering. Those interested in arts and culture don't miss out either. Everywhere are signs of early Germanic settlements and the historic city centres are just made for meandering and visiting cafes. Via the Carpathians we reached Transylvania and then onwards across the country all the way to Moldova and its famous monasteries. We also paid Bucharest with its monstrous parliament palace a visit, before moving on west-ward to other parts of the country - a lot of it on narrow dirt roads. Without GPS I was heavily reliant on my map and even more so the help provided by villagers and forest workers. This resulted in many pleasant conversations and interesting places to stay the night - camp fire included. That is the kind of freedom I was looking for - Romania is certainly worth a visit!

Художественное оформление и/или текст любезно предоставлены Uwe Schoppel.