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    Christmas in Tasmania
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Christmas in Tasmania

So without any sort of a shakedown cruise, (as the weather in Qld was dismal before Christmas), Annie and I went to Tasmania prepared for a relaxing break. Christmas Day at Narawntapu NP, (near Devonport) sunny and mild, seafood and wine. The roof-tent and awning up and down in 15 minutes. Easy. On to Ben Lomond NP. Summer and freezing. We camped at the base of Jacobs Ladder and were warm and cosy. Mt William NP in the North East is stunning. Sapphire water and golden sand. This is truly a special place. Keep it a secret, but Deep Creek is a top camp site. As the weather was turning in Hobart (and it was crowded with the Taste of Tassie) we changed our plans and went anti-clockwise. Arthur River on the west coast was busy but we found a small and secluded campsite. There were about 4 caravans and 3 tents all up. We came back from the Arthur River cruise at about 4pm and the caravans were gone, just one tent left. I trudged to the rangers office to chat. All were gone, no signs. The tent was gone when I returned. I joked with Annie that there must be a cyclone coming. No phone or radio reception, no one about. I was a little worried and moved the truck (with tent still up) to the back of an amenities block near the rangers office. And then it happened. Winds over 100kph, rain coming in side-ways and the sound of tree branches cracking. The weather in west Tassie can be changeable... In testament to our (your) gear we were dry and nothing failed nor went west. The noise was frightening as the fly flapped all night but all held together. (one tent peg came out on the annex). We toured the rest of Tassie without incident and saw amazing sights, ate cheese, chocolate and cherries, came back 5 kg heavier and will go again. Best wishes, George and Annie

Artwork and/or text courtesy of George & Annie Shutter.