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    From the Salt Flats of Bolivia
 tente de toit 
 tente remorque 
 Remorque caravane 
 auvent pour voiture 
 produits de soin 
From the Salt Flats of Bolivia

The pictures are all of our Landcruiser with the Gordigear on top, while camping on the salt flats near Uyuni, Bolivia. 10 degrees below zero under a sky full of stars! The trip started by shipping the car in a 40 foot container from Melbourne, Australia, to Valparaiso, Chile. From there we drove south to Ushuaia (the end of the world) and back north to Buenos Aires, Argentina. From here we went into the Mato Grosso, Brazil and to Uyuni, Bolivia, via Santa Cruz and Sucre. After the salt flats, Lago Colorado and Laguna Verde we will drive on to La Paz, Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu, near Cusco, Peru. From Lima, Peru we will drive to Guayaquil and Quito, Ecuador and further to Bogota and Cartagena, Colombia. That is the provisional end of this part of the trip. The next part will go through Mid-America and Mexico to the US and Canada. From Alaska I hope to ship the car to Russia and drive through Asia to Europe. But that is not a reality yet, just a plan. The reality of today is that we are very enthusiastic about the Gordigear tent. We really love the tent. Both in tropical heat and freezing cold is has proofed to be an excellent choice.

Création et/ou texte avec la permission de Rens Koster.