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    Romania Trip with two Roof Tents
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Romania Trip with two Roof Tents

This October we (2 adults with 3 kids) headed for Romania with our Isuzu ute. Our destination: the most easterly region of Romania, close to Ukraine and Moldova. We visited Romania on a couple of previous occasions, but never with roof top tents. We were a bit anxious to find out if our construction with two tents on a single vehicle was going to work, but our concerns were completely unfounded. Everything worked beautifully.

We started out from central Germany and made our way to Romania via the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Our first stop is in the Czech Republic, very close to the Slovakian border. In complete darkness, armed with a small torch, we manage to set the tents up in a meadow without a problem. Owing to the tents' well-thought-out construction, our bedding remains inside and we are ready for a good night's sleep within 15 minutes. In the morning we continue our way towards Botosani in Romania. After a quick afternoon-roadside-nap in Hungary, we pass Budapest and meander through 'quaint' country roads and the Carpathians for the next 15 hours. Close to our destination in Botosani we camp at the edge of a forest. Once again it is completely dark when we set up, but we get faster and faster with every time.

For the next 6 days the tents served us a really well, despite night time temperatures around 0 degrees! Quick to set up, quick to put away, negligible impact whilst driving. Our kids are now enthusiastic roof tent campers (as are we) and we are all very much in love with Romania. A beautiful country with wide open spaces, superb hospitality and tranquility!

Next year we will head for the North Cape! All the best from Roberto and Ellen, with Lilly, Moritz and Mauritius

Artwork og/eller tekst udlånt af Roberto Leffke.