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    Poland in Three Weeks
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Poland in Three Weeks

Poland in three weeks, that's not a lot of time for the route I had chosen. To begin with, I wanted to visit the mountains in the south of Poland, after all hiking and mountaineering was high on my agenda. Karkonosze, the Stołowe Mountains and also the 'lowest high mountains in the world', aka the High Tatras, were on my route, which also contained the Eastern Beskids. All of these were extensively travelled on, both on foot and via car. The offroad tracks at the eastern-most parts along the border were all lined with typical wooden huts, storks' nests inclusive. Quick stops were also made at Zamość with its renaissance architecture, Białowieża National Park with its unspoilt forests and the Bug River with its fantastic camping spots. On my way to the old trading town of Gdansk, I also came across Masuria and its typical homesteads as well as the remnants of the famous Wolf's Lair. Along the windy Baltic Sea I made my way back to Germany, where I paid a quick visit to the 'Buschtaxi' meeting. And then the daily routine caught up with me. Within just a short period of time I had experienced temperatures between zero and 40 degrees as well as heavy rain and wind. Due to the covered entrance area of my roof tent (which also makes a good canopy for cooking) and its ability to control ventilation, I was at home in all weather conditions. If only I had had more time.

Tack för text och/eller bilder till Uwe Schoppel.