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Jetskicampers.com has just launched their unique toy hauler solution. Designed and built right here in South-East Queensland, Australia, Jetskicampers are made to highest quality standards and can be tailor-made to customers' preferences. Adam, the owner-operator, had this to say: 'I love camping away, the beach or at the lakes, and the comfort of my camper trailer but that means I can't tow my jetski. So after looking at all the possible options I designed a solution myself, specifically for jetskis. The bonus is that if you take off the rollers it can be used for trail bikes, kayaks, bikes, quads or what ever toys you want to take with you.' Keep an eye out for Adam and his rig at the boat ramps or check out their website:

Artwork og/eller tekst udlånt af Jetskicampers.com.