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    Take One Old Trailer...
Take One Old Trailer...

We were planning a trip to Uluru, 3 vehicles, 5 people. My partner wanted to take her 60 second tent, like the other travelling companions. I had seen the Gordigear trailer tents and knew what I wanted. 4 weeks on the road with mostly one night stops; if the Gordigear tent wasn't easy to erect and pack away my travelling companions would have made my life hell. I would be set up in about 4 or 5 minutes easily. The 60 second tents took forever: they had to unpack their vehicle, get the tent out of its bag, 1 minute to erect, then put the fly on and then erect their beds and organize their bedding... Phew. The tent people could have everything packed and folded etc and I could have the Gordigear packed up before they had stowed their gear into their vehicle.

I fitted a 130 amp hour battery, cigarette lighter and usb power outlets to the side of the trailer accessible from inside the tent, very handy for powering the fridge and recharging the phone. The car charges the battery when driving or I can connect a solar panel when stopped for a few days. I also fitted LED strip lights inside the camper with remote control on/off switch. Very cheap off Ebay. After my first trip I fitted a slide out drawer to make things more accessible. I would also advise fitting the camper trailer with the tent lift kit, this makes life easier on the road. The only thing I would like to change is to hinge the tailgate on the side instead of the bottom, at the moment I have to kneel on the tailgate to get to the drawer to pull it out; no real problem but it would be easier. I keep the trailer packed and ready to go, so I just hook it up and take off whenever I can. Everything is well made and high quality, and Gordigear are great to deal with and very helpful. I can highly recommend them. Cheers, Graham.

When he's not out and about, Graham caters to South-East Queensland's party people. Check out his website at: www.goldcoastjukes.com.

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