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    Round Trip through Eastern Germany
Round Trip through Eastern Germany

Our Gordigear camping equipment consisted of an Tanami Plus 165cm roof tent and a Gumtree 2.5m side awning. This year we added a 2.5m Awning Extension, a 2.5m Tent Room and a 2.5m Mesh Room for a round trip through Eastern Germany. First off, I'd like to mention that we were very happy with these additions, they have proven to be useful and made our trip more comfortable. In many places people walked up to us to admire our Gordigear products, for instance: 'We've never seen anything alike.' So we had to give plenty of 'tours' through our mobile homestead. We started the trip from Bavaria and drove to Saxony, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and took an excursion to the isle of Usedom. Then we spent a couple of days in Loissin at the Baltic Sea. Prior to returning to Bavaria, we visited Saxony-Anhalt. During our whole trip we mastered all weather conditions with our Gordigear equipment and did not once miss having a solid roof over our heads. For those who love nature and travelling in an independent fashion, I can only recommend travelling with Gordigear.

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