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    'Nomads' On Their Way Through Zambia
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'Nomads' On Their Way Through Zambia

Greg, Magali, Natasha and Anastasia embark on a 6 year long journey around the globe - a truly extraordinary adventure, which will take the New Caledonia-based family of experienced travellers to more than 100 countries on 6 continents. Even more remarkable is the fact that they combine their love for travelling with a charitable cause, aiming to make clean drinking water available to those in need. Their equipment consists of a customised 70-series Toyota Landcruiser Troopcarrier and two Gordigear Explorer Plus roof tents paired up with a Gordigear Gumtree car awning. The four explorers are happy to point out that their trip is interactive, i.e. they accept suggestions from the general public in regards to the places they should be visiting.

This page covers the African leg of their journey and we will keep adding photos as they progress...

Художественное оформление и/или текст любезно предоставлены Anastasia, Natasha, Magali & Greg Trastour.