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    Gordigear Tent on Tuff Seat Landcruiser
 Автомобильные навесы 
Gordigear Tent on Tuff Seat Landcruiser

Phil markets some of the best car seat covers available on the Australian market today, via his companies www.thetuffseat.com & www.thewetseat.com.

As part of his job he spends a good deal of his time out and about exploring and product testing, so the addition of a Gordigear roof top camper was only a logical choice. After his recent Simpson Desert crossing, he sent us a few photos and had this to say:

Just a quick email to let you know that the roof top tent performed flawlessly for my Simpson Desert trip (thanks!) and will also feature in issue 40 of the Unsealed4x4 magazine shortly...

Художественное оформление и/или текст любезно предоставлены Phil Trotman.