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    Kansas - Magadan - Prague
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Kansas - Magadan - Prague

We spent three months travelling from Vladivostok to Magadan and then to Prague via Mongolia. We were four - two adults and two kids aged 7 and 10 years. Regarding the roof tent I have to say that after all we experienced in our travels I am amazed how well it is made. The tent is solid and high quality, I was a little bit pessimistic in the beginning but looking back I would buy that tent again. We went through some crazy conditions in Russia and Mongolia, the temperatures on the trip were ranging from -10 degree Celsius to +35 degree Celsius. We had a snow storm in the Mongolian Mountains with strong winds, my wife thought that the tent is going to fly off the car but it really held up well! The tent was comfortable for all four of us, when we stayed for longer we set the annex up. I would recommend this tent to everybody here. Thanks Gordigear!!

Création et/ou texte avec la permission de Jorge.