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    Gordigear Roof Tent as Full Time Home
Gordigear Roof Tent as Full Time Home

Hello, last summer my wife and I purchased an Explorer Plus 165cm with annex. Since then we've been using it throughout the South West USA. I just wanted to say how extremely happy we are. This tent has changed the way we spend time outdoors. Some feedback on our latest weather event: YOUR TENTS ROCK! We were taking sustained 30-35 MPH wind with 40+ MPH gusts on the side of the tent (with the annex deployed) for 3.5 days around the clock. Zero damage. It was amazing to watch the tent frame shrug off that side load. We're very impressed and wanted to thank you for making such a great product. I think we told you this already, but our tent is our full-time home now. It's so reassuring to know how rugged that tent is :) Thanks again!

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