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    8500km through Norway, Sweden & Finland
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8500km through Norway, Sweden & Finland

Hello friends of Gordigear, this is the first time that we travel to Scaninavia with a roof top tent. No four-wheel-drive though! The trip happens with a Renault Grand Scenic. The car itself has been up north 3 times, however this is its first tour with a roof top tent. We drove 8500km in total.

Kiel → Oslo → Heddal → Lindesnes → Preikestolen → Aurlandsvangen → Sognalsfjora → Grotli → Geiranger → Molde → Atlanderhavsveien → Kristiansund → Trondheim on 07/06/2015 → Polarcircle → Skutika → Kabelvag → Rigskränsen → Kiruna → Rovaniemi → Tornio → Gammelstad → Höga Kusten → Uppsala → Gränna → Öland → Trelleborg → and back

Since 1999 we visit these regions, but we were a bit unlucky in 2015, because the last week in May and all of June were still seeing heavy snow falls. Therefore, the mountain passes we wanted to travel on were only opened 4 weeks later. We also wanted to visit our friends in Härjedalen. A 35km long forest trail leads from Hede to Särvsjö. Our friends told us 'don't bother there is still too much snow and the lake is frozen solid.' In 2013 we were also in Särvsjö and had managed to get severe sun burns in the last two weeks of May. Särvsjö is located between Trondheim and Ostersund.

I don't want to mention too much about the journey itself, only that once again we couldn't reach all the destinations we wanted to reach. The snow road towards Lom was only accessible for downward traffic, the snow plow in particular. We experienced the route to Geiranger in a way that was more reminiscent of a different time of year. The ascent via Nikkaluokta from Kiruna was accessible, however the paths towards Kebnekaise were still closed. Long story short, we end up visiting Santa Clause in Rovaniemi/Finland, continue our travels along the Baltic Sea to Höga Kusten, onwards to Öland - an island that holds all of Sweden's history in one little place - and back to Trelleborg. Have a look at the pics of the lands of trolls and phantasies, I think you will like them. The land of day and night. All my novels are based around Särvsjö. You can find out more under: www.die-legende-von-tag-und-nacht.de

Художественное оформление и/или текст любезно предоставлены Norbert Vogel.