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    60,000km in 30 Months with a Taiga Tent
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60,000km in 30 Months with a Taiga Tent

Hi, Marilyn and I are planning a trip to the Kimberley starting early June. But we have managed a few shorter trips just because we can. One photo is of our camp site at Wellington Dam - a bit south east of Collie. It’s a lovely spot. We were joined at Fonty’s Pool in Manjimup by our son and two of our grandkids. Manjimup is Karri country so the grandkids had to try the first few rings of the Diamond Tree climb (their Dad was not keen for them to go the rest of the 50 metres up). We’ve also just got back from a trip to Hamelin Bay (famed for its ‘friendly’ stingrays) and Coalmine Beach at Walpole on the south coast of WA. We had our daughter home from Paris so it was a brilliant week touring the Karri and Tingle Forest’s and the wineries. The tree in the photo is a red tingle - 24 metre girth. Would you believe we have clocked up 60,000 kms trailing the Taiga tent around Australia in the last 30 months?

Tack för text och/eller bilder till Marilyn & John Newman.