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    Baltic Sea Circle Adventure
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Baltic Sea Circle Adventure

On 15/06/2019 we started our 'Baltic Sea Circle' Adventure from Hamburg to the Northern Cape and back. The goal was to visit 10 countries and travel 7,500km in 16 days and complete a number of challenges along the way. Apart from the limitation 'No GPS & No Motorways', extra points were earned for camping next to, in or on top of the car. Ideally wild camping. With the exception of one night, which we chose to spend in a hotel room due to weather conditions, we always camped in our Gordigear roof top tent. Our excuse: that one particular night was in Murmansk. A surreal place which doesn't exactly lend itself to camping. We arrived late at night, it was 4°C with near horizontal rain. Maybe we are just too soft.

Despite that, we still had stormy, cold and even two rainy nights, during which the tent has kept us warm and dry. Throughout the whole tour there were no complications whatsoever. Setup and packing up ... child's play. On top of that, the tent is very quick to dry. We were even able to leave our bedding inside the tent. The travel cover fits like a glove and is very easy to close. The climate inside the tent was exceptional, due to the many ventilation options. Getting into and out of the tent is even for 50-somethings possible, the mattress is firm, but not too firm and there is plenty of room for two adults, both width-wise and length-wise.

In conclusion: One of the best investments for this type of adventure was - and still is - our roof top tent. I think I will keep using it a lot, because it doesn't take long to find a beautiful camp spot und spend a relaxed evening/night there. The tent is ready-to-go on the car roof anyway. Apropos ... wind noise whilst driving is non-existent. At least whilst traveling at 110km/h, we didn't notice anything.

During the trip many participants approached us regarding the Gordigear roof tent. Most had a roof tent themselves, but of a different brand. Apart form a similar design, most concluded that in particular the entrance area as well as materials and workmanship were superior in the Gordigear tent. That is the feedback we received. I/we want to say thank you for an outstanding product, which has kept us well protected, and send best wishes, Frank & Rene (Team School Friends)

Artwork and/or text courtesy of Frank Wulff.