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    All Around Europe with a Land Rover
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All Around Europe with a Land Rover

Please find attached impressions of our travels with our Land Rover Defender (90) and the Gordigear roof tent. Our travels usually lead my wife and I into regions that allow 'wild' camping. An offroad trip into the Rumanian Carpathians at the end of October/beginning of November has become pretty much a focal point of our journeys. During those 10 days, driving in difficult terrain is what it's all about. For that reason, we usually undertake this trip with a group of friends and 5-6 vehicles. The roof tent is not spared either. In particular the travel cover needs to endure a lot. Often we are already facing snowfall at this time of year. Our Gordigear copes as easily with that as with rain showers for days on end. Our summer holidays on the other hand, we like to spend in more moderate climates, since most of our camping life is spent outdoors then. In recent years, we have explored the two Mediterranean islands of Corsica and Sardinia, and have meanwhile also spent approx. 7 weeks in Albania and the mountains of Montenegro. In summer the focus of our travels is more on getting to know foreign countries and cultures. Hardcore offroad trails are therefore excluded here. Moreover, we travel by ourselves during that time of the year, since this allows mingling with the locals more easily during the day. Preferably we spend the nights away from civilization and campsites. At the end of the year we are planning to explore the mountains and deserts Morocco's with our roof tent.

Artwork and/or text courtesy of Peter Klune.