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    Feedback After Extensive Outback Travels
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Feedback After Extensive Outback Travels

I’m back from my trip to outback Queensland, the Northern Territory and South Australia. I would like to take this opportunity to give you feedback on the Gordigear Explorer Plus roof top tent and annex and forward some photographs for your reference. I designed and constructed a roof rack for my Isuzu D-Max to accommodate your tent dimensions and it worked very well. The tent opens over the rear of the vehicle so the back gates of the tray can be accessed via the annex. The tent is well supported and securely fixed to the rack’s cross members. I could fit not only the roof top tent but jerries for fuel/water, spare wheels, Maxtrax, high lift jack, shovel, rake and a solar panel. Three made up the party of happy travellers, so two slept up in the roof top tent and one in the annex. This configuration was compact but comfortable especially with the weather being favourable, warm, dry and dusty. The tent mattress at first was extremely firm but after about three nights you became accustomed to the density. The third person slept on a stretcher in the annex, which was off the ground and snug. When packing up the mattress protector and two sleeping bags were left upstairs in the tent. With my son to assist the tent was easy to erect and pack away, we soon got a rhythm happening so everyone knew their tasks. Definitely after three plus weeks of moving nearly every day we knew the process down pat. The tent cover even in the extreme conditions of traversing the corrugations and bull dust of the Jim Jim Falls and Gunlon Roads, Kakadu and the Breakaways Road, Coober Pedy didn’t leak dust so the tent stayed clean. Additionally, on our return to the Northern Tablelands the cover didn’t leak water from recent snow falls.

Artwork and/or text courtesy of Richard Drozdowski.