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    Journey into Sweden's History
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Journey into Sweden's History

A journey into Sweden's history. Our visit to Gotland and Fårö last from 30th of August unitl the 13th of September 2019. I travel with Eva and our dog Lea, who will be 14 years old in November. Our departure is in Oskarshamn, Sweden. A quick hello to Gordigear and all of you who like to read and supply material to the travelogue section.

A trip to an island that according to the Gutasaga sank into the sea every day and only came to the surface at night. But Tjelvar brought fire to this island and it never sank again. The island is called Gotland and it is a wonderful island with its little direct neighbor, the island called Fårö. The coordinates of Tjelvar's tomb are 57°37'42.933'' & 18°44'4.16''.

The book '101 Places You Must See - Discover Gotland ISBN 978-91-88036-01-08' has all the important places with coordinates and it has helped us very often. We had a night behind us on Fårö, where we were informed that there would be some rain and wind. The next morning I expected the worst but it turned out differently than expected, nothing happened to the tent, no damage.

We refrain from a detailed travel description, it would go beyond the scope here and we only want to show with a few pictures and words how nice the place is. One thing is important to know on Gotland, not like in most parts of Sweden, many routes are closed to cars and motorbikes. How happy you are when you're driving a four-wheel drive vehicle here.

Gotland and Fårö have stone beaches and miles of sandy beach on Fårö (Ullahau). The city of Visby has been a World Heritage Site since 1995 and if the weather permits it, is one of the cities that has something different to show in every street and alley. And we had weather in September where we could still be out and about for the most part in shorts. We did not look at Visby all at once but it was three days at different times, otherwise we were a bit on the move and were enchanted by the beauty of the islands.

And again I can only say, look at the pictures, you will like them. It is not the island of the trolls, but it is a piece of Sweden that already belonged to Denmark and even the Hanseatic League had it for a while. Here you can see that I have loved the country for years and pictures of the trip are also placed there: www.die-legende-von-tag-und-nacht.de

Création et/ou texte avec la permission de Norbert Vogel.