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    First 'New Land Rover Defender' in Italy
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 tente remorque 
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First 'New Land Rover Defender' in Italy

Dear ladies and gentlemen, prior to embarking for a month to Sardinia on the 3rd of September, we wanted to test the roof tent for three days in the mountains and high regions of the Carnic Alps of Friuli. I have to say that I'm totally stoked. It has already endured heavy winds and five hours of intense rainfall at one of our camp sites (Monte Palauro, approx. 2000m above sea level) without any problems. And it is - I'm going out on a limb here - one of the first Gordigear tents to be installed onto the latest Land Rover Defender model. At least here in Italy, our car is the first one registered of its kind. Attached are a few photos of our setup.

Création et/ou texte avec la permission de ‎Norbert Frena.