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På vej med Gordigear

Tilmeld dig vores kunder på nogle af de rejser, de har truffet, og læst om de historier, de deler.

10/20224x4 Friends Kinzigtal
8/202212 days in Peloponnese
8/2022Happy Gordigear Roof Tent Customer
8/2022Double Roof Tent Setup in the Western Alps
8/2022Savannah Tent in French and Italian Alps
8/2022Roof Tent on a Trailer
6/2022Travelling Ireland
5/2022Landrover Defender with Gordigear Roof Tent
4/2022Happy Savannah Campers
11/2021Truck-Mounted Gordigear Roof Tent
10/2021One Year In Australia
9/2021Pics from Transylvania
8/2021Nepal and India
7/2021Through France with a Taiga Trailer Tent
7/2021Pictures from Brittany, France
6/2021Roof Tent Test in All Conditions
6/2021Open Season For Roof Tent Camping
6/2021First Trip to Central Australia
6/2021Roof Tent on a Mitsubishi Triton
5/2021Around Australia with a Savannah Tent
4/2021Roof Tent on a Classic Mercedes-Benz
3/2021Trip to Goomburra
1/2021Tuscany, Western Alps and Iceland
1/2021Melbourne and Mt Panorama
12/2020Aventura Norte
10/2020Battle-tested Gordigear Roof Tent
9/2020Gordigear Roof Top Tent on a Lada Niva
9/2020Gordigear Roof Top Tent on a Dacia Dokker
8/2020Gordigear Equipment on a Suzuki Vitara
8/2020First 'New Land Rover Defender' in Italy
8/2020Lapland with a Taiga Trailer Tent
8/2020Gordigear on the Isle of Wigth
7/2020Greetings from Iceland
7/2020Trailer-Mounted Roof Tent
7/2020Road Trip to France
6/2020Gordigear in New Zealand
5/2020Journey into Sweden's History
3/2020'Nomads' Kick Off 2020
3/2020Gordigear Roof Tent on a Small Volkswagen
3/2020165cm Tanami Plus on a Trailer
1/2020Happy Savannah Camper
12/2019Belgium, Luxembourg & Switzerland
11/2019Around Australia with a Lift-off Canopy
11/2019Gordigear Roof Tent Feedback
10/2019Impressions from Western Australia
10/2019Feedback After Extensive Outback Travels
10/2019'40 Years G-Class' Event
10/2019All Around Europe with a Land Rover
10/2019Roof Tent on a Fibreglass Canopy
9/2019'Nomads' in France
9/20194x4 Friends Kinzigtal with Gordigear Tents
9/2019'Making Trails' with a Gordigear Roof Tent
9/2019Roof Tent on a Jeep Wrangler Dual Cab
8/2019Pics from Pakistan and India
8/2019Tanami Plus on a Rhino Pioneer Rack
8/2019Gordigear Roof Tent & Awning Setup
7/2019Baltic Sea Circle Adventure
7/2019Stunning Turkey and Iran
6/2019The Perfect Wedding Gift
6/2019'Respect the Man in the Campervan'
6/2019Double Roof Tent Setup in Spain
6/2019Gordigear Secret Club Member
6/2019Gordigear Roof Tent on a Boat Trailer
6/2019Italy's Cinque Terre
6/2019Double the Camping Fun
5/2019Tricked-out 3-Door Prado
5/2019Big Bend National Park, Texas
5/2019Greetings from Denmark
4/2019Mali and Senegal
4/2019Iceland - the Island of Fire and Ice
3/2019Gordigear Roof Tent on Dual Cab Canopy
3/201960,000km in 30 Months with a Taiga Tent
3/2019In the Middle of Nowhere and Loving It!
2/2019Western Alps
2/2019Nomads in Western Africa
2/2019Gordigear in Sweden and Italy
2/2019Home Made Trailer with Gordigear Tent
2/2019Gordigear Equipment in Social Media
2/2019Lift-Off Camper Trailer
1/2019Senegal and Western Sahara
1/2019Roof Top Tent Selection
1/2019Winter Camping in Austria
1/2019Two Awnings on a Trailer
1/2019Base Camp for Sledge Dog Competitions
1/2019Benin, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Cote D'Ivoire
12/2018Negev Desert Expedition
12/2018Roof Tent Pack-up Video
12/2018Along Australia's West Coast
12/2018Taiga Trailer Tent in Zurich
11/2018Savannah Trailer Tent in Calabria
11/20188500km through Norway, Sweden & Finland
10/2018Croatia Trip with Gordigear Roof Tent
10/2018Herbert River in Northern Queensland
10/2018Campground with a View
10/2018Gordigear Roof Tent Feedback
10/2018Himalayas with a Gordigear Tent
10/2018Carpathian Mountains in Romania
10/2018Congo, Gabon and Cameroon
10/2018Piedmont Mountains with Daihatsu Terios
9/2018Savannah Trailer Tent in Belgium
9/2018Tanami Plus 165cm on a Kia Ceed
9/2018Blending In
9/2018Rainy days in Saintes Maries de la Mer
9/2018Tuscany with a VW T4 and Gordigear Roof Tent
9/2018Enduromania in Romania
9/2018Taiga Feedback After Two Years in Action
8/2018Through Europe with a Savannah Trailer Tent
8/2018Gordigear Roof Tent on a Skoda Roomster
8/2018Adventure with Gordigear
8/2018Borneo Safari 2017
8/2018Around Australia with a Gordigear Roof Tent
8/2018Golf Cart with Gordigear Roof Tent
8/2018Landrover Defender Camper Trailer Setup
8/2018Fraser Island Never Disappoints
7/2018Stunning Angola
7/201845,000km and Still Going
7/2018Taiga Tent and Mesh Room in the Outback
6/2018A Picture Says More Than A Thousand Words
6/2018Jack Bushman Camper Trailers
5/2018Gordigear Roof Tent as Full Time Home
5/2018Maiden Voyage to VIC High Country
5/2018Savannah Trailer Tent in Tyrol
4/2018Gordigear Taiga Camper Trailer
4/2018Roof Tent, Annex and Awning on a Trailer
3/2018Jim & Lynettes Big Trip
3/2018Gordigear Awning and Roof Tent in Iceland
3/2018Gordigear Roof Tent on a BMW X3
3/2018Switching from Roof Tent to Trailer Tent
3/2018Picturesque Iran
2/2018'Nomads' Travel Through Namibia
2/2018Kansas - Magadan - Prague
2/2018Convoy through Sweden and Norway
2/2018Higher School Certificate Project
1/2018Tripmasters have fun in -20°
12/201711-Year Old Gordigear Tent Going Strong
12/2017Penguins and Lions
11/201725000km with a Taiga Trailer Tent
11/2017Maiden Voyage to Tasmania
11/2017Test of Strength in Scotland
11/2017Five Weeks in Mongolia
11/2017Norway with a Gordigear Roof Tent
11/2017The Amazing Kruger National Park
11/2017Holden Jackaroo with Gordigear Equipment
10/2017Visiting the Masai in Kenya
10/2017Shower Room Adds Camping Comfort
10/2017Back in Swaziland
10/2017Two Year Long Safari Through Kenya
9/2017Gordigear Roof Tent and Awning in Tyrol
9/2017At Mozambique's Idyllic Beaches
9/2017Tanami Plus Roof Tent in Croatia
8/2017Clever Trailer Tent Storage Solution
8/2017Mazda BT-50 with Roof Top Camper
8/2017Corsica with a Gordigear Tanami Base Tent
8/2017Double Tent Setup in Botswana & Zambia
8/2017Up North with a Gordigear Roof Tent
8/2017Cape York with a Gordigear Roof Tent
8/2017Around the world in a 1984 G-Wagon
8/2017Australia-Trip with a Roof-Tent-Trailer
8/2017Gordigear Tent on Tuff Seat Landcruiser
8/2017Custom-Built Extra-Wide Tanami Plus
8/2017Gordigear Awning on a Globe Camper
8/2017Gordigear Roof Tent on a VW Van
8/2017'Nomads' in Namibia
8/2017Lofoten Islands with Gordigear Roof Tent
7/2017South Africa and Lesotho
7/2017Customised Taiga Trailer Tent
7/2017Gordigear Roof Tent on a Fiat Panda
7/2017'Crazy Dutch People'
7/2017A Roof Tent Camper Trailer
7/2017Botswana and Swaziland
7/2017Camping at the Baltic Sea
7/2017Basecamp in the Norwegian Mountains
7/2017Around Australia with a Taiga Trailer Tent
7/2017Roof Tent Camping all over Europe
6/2017Happy Roof Tent Customers
5/2017Roof Tent and Annex on a Station Wagon
4/2017'Nomads' On Their Way Through Zambia
3/2017Camping at Green Mountain - O'Reillys
3/2017Gordigear Roof Tent in the Simpson Desert
2/2017Rwanda and Tanzania with Gordigear
1/2017The Ballwebers Downunder #3
1/2017Uganda with a Dual Roof Tent Setup
1/2017Gordigear Equipment in New Zealand
1/2017Toyota Hilux with Gordigear Roof Tent
1/2017Gordigear Roof Tent and Annex in Warwick
12/2016Taiga Installation and Maiden Voyage
12/2016The Ballwebers Downunder #2
12/2016'Nomads' Travelling Through Ethiopia & Kenya
12/2016Round Trip through Eastern Germany
12/2016Gordigear Roof Tent on a Pod Trailer
11/2016Stunning Footage from Overland Norway
11/2016Camping at +3 Degrees
11/2016Gordigear in the Philippines
10/2016The Ballwebers Downunder
10/201610 Weeks in Remote Australia
10/2016Impressions from Iceland
10/2016Three Weeks in Romania
10/2016With Gordigear Equipment in Austria
9/2016'Nomads' Rejser Gennem Sudan & Egypten
9/2016Trip of a lifetime to Cape York
9/2016Croatia and Austria with Gordigear
9/2016Second Iceland Trip with Gordigear Tent
9/2016Tuscany with a Taiga Trailer Tent
8/2016With roof- and trailer tents in the UK
7/2016Series Landrover with Gordigear Equipment
7/2016Two Gordigear Tents On Fraser Island
7/2016'Nomads' Travelling Through Jordan
5/2016With Gordigear Equipment through Norway
5/2016To the Ends of the Earth
5/2016Happy Roof Tent Campers
5/2016Salty's Trip to the Kimberley
5/2016Our Aus Adventure
5/2016The Wetlands Research Association
5/2016A Sabbatical Downunder
5/2016Camper Trailer with Roof Tent and Awning
4/2016Piedmont - Up in the Clouds
4/2016Surfing Trip To Esperance
4/2016Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Oman
3/2016Take One Old Trailer...
2/2016With a roof tent in Varrazze and the Vosges
2/2016Himintjöld in Iceland
2/2016In 19000km Around Europe
2/2016France, Andorra and Andalusia
1/2016Christmas in the Baltic States
1/2016Poland in Three Weeks
1/2016To the Arctic via the Polar Circle
12/2015Romania Trip with two Roof Tents
12/2015Safari Guides To Adventure
12/2015Pakistan, Iran & United Arab Emirates
12/2015Height-Adjustable Roof Tent Frame
11/2015Danny's Custom-Built Toy Hauler
11/2015Landcruiser Ute in Kosciuszko NP
11/2015Sicily with a Jeep Wrangler
11/2015Portugal by the Book
10/2015Ultimate Aussie Adventures
10/2015Impressions from Rainy India
10/2015Gordigear on a Suzuki Samurai
10/2015On the Road in Western Australia
10/2015With a Roof Tent in the Western Alps
9/2015On the Road with a Taiga Trailer Tent
9/2015Toy Hauler from North Carolina
9/2015Gordigear Roof Tent in California
9/2015Montenegro and Morocco
9/2015To the Cape with a Gordigear Roof Tent
9/201510-year Iceland Anniversary
9/2015Offroad Truck Austria Festival
9/2015Bulgaria - Greece - Italy
9/2015Renault Trafic with Gordigear Equipment
8/2015Magical Spot by the Ord River
8/2015With two Roof Tents in the Carpathians
8/2015Tanzania - Kenya - Uganda - Rwanda
8/2015Tanami Plus with Annex on a Defender
8/2015Romanian 4x4 Club
8/2015Landcruiser with Lift-off Canopy
8/2015Birdlife Photography in the Kimberley
7/2015Tanami Plus on a Nissan Navara
7/2015FJ Cruiser with Gordigear Equipment
6/2015There and back again
6/2015Custom-Built Quad-Bike Camper Trailer
6/2015Tuscany with an extraordinary camper trailer
6/2015Taiga Trailer Tent on a Puch G
6/2015French and Italian Alps
6/2015The Road Less Travelled
5/2015Simpson Desert with an Iveco Daily
5/2015From the Salt Flats of Bolivia
5/2015I seks år i hele verden: Asien #4
5/2015Overland Norway
4/2015Gumtree Awning on a VW Kombi
4/2015Tanami Plus on a Defender in Scotland
4/2015Tanami Plus on Bear Rentals Vehicles
3/2015Our sportiest roof tent installation yet
3/2015Tinnie og tag Telt på en trailer
3/2015Feltrapport efter 3 års brug
3/2015Jul i Tasmanien
2/2015Glade Savannah Trailer telt campister
2/2015ERT16 Roof Telt i Island
1/2015Albanien med en Taiga teltvogn
1/2015Malawi til Tanzania i en Landcruiser
1/2015I seks år i hele verden: Asien #3
1/2015Landrover Defender i Alperne
1/2015Cargo Campers Toy lastbiler
1/2015En Tour tværs af tre stater
1/2015RT01 Tag telt i Alperne
12/2014Hellsklamm tester Gordigear Roof Tent
12/2014Over Scorpion Pass
11/2014ERT01 på en Dual Cab Hilux
11/2014Epic Afrika - Del #3
11/2014Epic Afrika - Del #2
11/2014Epic Afrika - Del #1
11/2014Rumænien tre uger
11/2014Savannah teltvogn i Marokko
10/2014Fra det laveste punkt på Jorden
10/2014I seks år i hele verden: Asien #2
10/2014»Kombi-Camp '
10/2014Mount Palmer i Western Australia
9/2014Afrika via Eastern Route
8/2014Zambia og Malawi med en Gordigear tag telt
7/2014I Napoleons fodspor
7/2014Grand Erg Ralley
7/2014Skandinavien, opdage den nordlige
7/2014I seks år i hele verden: Asien
7/2014VW Transporter med Gordigear Udstyr
6/2014Regn, hagl og Shine
6/2014Seks dage gennem Sahara
6/2014ERT01 Roof Telt på en Defender
5/2014Marokko med Gordigear Gumtree Car Markiser
5/2014På vej med hunde
5/2014På Italiens Strada Dell'Assietta
5/2014Camping i minusgrader
5/2014ERT16 på en VW Transporter
4/2014Namibia til Zambia via Khaudum
4/2014Golanhøjderne med en ERT01
4/2014Landrover + Sankey Trailer + Gordigear
1/2014Gold Coast til Port Lincoln og ryg
1/2014Snowy Mountains - Quadrokopter Aerial
12/2013På vej til at gøre en forskel
10/2013Bribie Island med et tag telt trailer
9/2013Til Northern Cape med en ERT01
8/2013Baltiske lande tur med Gordigear Udstyr
8/2013Afrika Trin for trin
7/2013Cykel tur rundt om blokken
7/2013Kap York med en RT01 tag telt
6/2013London - Johannesburg Overland 4A-4 Trek
3/2013I seks år i hele verden: Australien #3
2/2013Western Australia i en Landrover Defender
1/2013Fraser Island med Gordigear tag telt og fortelt
11/2012Major Asia Round Trip
11/2012Italien med en Savannah teltvogn
10/2012Cruising gennem 'Corner Land'
10/2012I seks år i hele verden: Australien #2
9/2012ArtCar TV - Fra Tyskland til Tibet
9/20125 år gamle RT01 telt still going strong
8/2012Camper trailer bygge med efterfølgende testkørsel
8/2012Australien: Top til Centre med Gordigear
7/2012UEFA Euro 2012 i Polen og Ukraine
6/2012Maleriske Tasmanien med Gordigear tag telt og markiser
6/2012I seks år i hele verden: Australien
5/2012Barramundi fiskeri på Norman River
4/2012Efter bedsteforældrenes fodspor
4/2012Kap York i en 4WD Convoy
2/2012Fra Perth til Sydney i fire måneder
1/2012På tværs af Simpson Desert med en Gordigear tag telt og fortelt
12/2011Fra Cape Town til det skotske højland
8/2011Kundeanmeldelse Gordigear teltvogn (Island)
8/2011Outback Spectacular: Birdsville - Lake Eyre - Batchelor
7/2011Indtryk af Afrika
7/2011Great Endeavour Charity Rally 2011
7/2011Sydfrankrig med en RT01 Roof Tent
5/2011Fra Australien til Tyskland i en gammel Landcruiser
3/2011Janelle, Ryan og hund Hannah tur fra nord til Mellemamerika
1/2011Vintercamping i Alperne (tysk-østrigske grænse)
11/2010Sue & Steve - professionelle naturfotografer
7/2010Billedgalleri af norsk rejsekoncern touring Island

Hvis du har planlagt en ekspedition eller er involveret i en dokumentarfilm eller fotoprojekt, vil vi meget gerne høre fra dig med at finde ud af, hvordan vi kan støtte dig.