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Decades of experience in the Australian and European markets for camper trailers enabled us to develop the Gordigear 2 Go, a turnkey premium camper trailer with unrivalled value for money.

The concept is as ingenious as it is simple. We have put together a product based on customer requests from the last few decades, which includes all the important features as standard. The result is a trailer that covers all common requirements, does not require expensive additional options, is also equipped for future changes and, thanks to streamlined production, passes on costs and delivery advantages directly to you, our customer.

Gordigear 2 Go, the name says it all. Choose your tent size, order and off you go on vacation. Whether you want to retrofit a bike rack or a rear kitchen later, everything has already been thought of. We don't have long option lists - just choose your tent type and you're good to go. We want to make your camping trips as pleasant as possible and our Gordigear 2 Go reflects this.

The following is already included in the delivery scope:

  • Onroad trailer, made in Germany, 1300kg, 100km/h registration, breaked
  • Gordigear trailer tent (Taiga or Savannah)
  • Under-bed access hatches
  • Bedroom partitioning wall
  • Kids room partitioning wall (Savannah tent only)
  • Poles for main window
  • Laterally opening tailgate (kitchen ready)
  • Tailgate with heavy-duty hinges (kitchen ready)
  • Raised side walls for even more storage space
  • Lashing points for securing loads
  • Anti-roll coupling from Knott
  • Anti-theft system
  • Trailer coupling on drawbar (bike rack ready)
  • Extra long drawbar (bike rack ready)
  • Genuine aluminium checker plate fenders
  • Stabilisers for a secure stand

To download or print a quote:

with Taiga   with Savannah

Talk to us about extensions to the trailer or tent. Each of our tents can of course be expanded with awnings, shower tents and inner tents.



If you have any questions, please get in contact with us.

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