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Doubles the size of your awning

Product#: AE14
Price: AU$ 230   (€ 175; US$ 250)

Product#: AE20
Price: AU$ 240   (€ 185; US$ 260)

Product#: AE25
Price: AU$ 250   (€ 195; US$ 270)

Product availability: see further below

The Gumtree Extension is made of the same high-quality materials as our awnings and available for all sizes. It is deployed in a matter of seconds by simply sliding the sailtrack flange into the existing awning fixture. Peg the corners at ground level and the extension transforms into a sun and windbreak, privacy screen or storage area for bikes, shoes and other equipment. Set it up via the included twistlock poles to create additional protected camping area that doubles the size of your awning. The Gumtree Extension incorporates a canvas flap with sewn in zip, making it compatible with our tent and mesh rooms, which can be used in conjunction with this versatile product.

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Product availability

  Australia Europe United States
Gumtree 1.4m Extension (AE14) available now available now available now
Gumtree 2.0m Extension (AE20) available now available now available now
Gumtree 2.5m Extension (AE25) available now available now available now

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