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Use the form below to place an order or to check prices and freight

• For a current pricelist:simply select your country from step 1
• For a freight quote:complete steps 1 + 2 and the freight fee will appear below the pricelist
• To order:complete steps 1 – 4

1. Choose your country and postcode
2. Select your products
Quantity Product# Product Price
RT01Explorer AU$ 1100
ERT01Explorer Plus AU$ 1300
ERT16Explorer Plus 165cm AU$ 1600
FRT01Utility Tent AU$ 750
SS01Explorer Annex AU$ 200
ESS01Explorer Plus Annex AU$ 400
ESS16Explorer Plus Annex 165cm AU$ 500
LE01Ladder Extension AU$ 50
EXS1Annex Height Extension AU$ 75
EXS16Annex Height Extension 165cm AU$ 75
RRC1Replacement Explorer (Plus) Travel Cover AU$ 150
RC16Replacement Explorer Plus 165cm Travel Cover AU$ 160
CA25Gumtree 2.5m AU$ 330
CA20Gumtree 2.0m AU$ 310
CA14Gumtree 1.4m AU$ 275
MN25Gumtree 2.5m Mesh Room AU$ 190
MN20Gumtree 2.0m Mesh Room AU$ 185
MN14Gumtree 1.4m Mesh Room AU$ 180
TW25Gumtree 2.5m Tent Room AU$ 335
TW20Gumtree 2.0m Tent Room AU$ 325
TW14Gumtree 1.4m Tent Room AU$ 315
AE25Gumtree 2.5m Extension AU$ 250
AE20Gumtree 2.0m Extension AU$ 240
AE14Gumtree 1.4m Extension AU$ 230
STT6Savannah AU$ 2400
TA01Savannah Add-on Room AU$ 800
TM01Savannah Mesh Room AU$ 700
TR01Savannah Shower Room AU$ 450
BTT1Taiga AU$ 2200
BA01Taiga Add-on Room AU$ 700
BR01Taiga Shower Room AU$ 450
TS12 x Gas Struts AU$ 150
PH1Piano Hinge AU$ 50
SF1Sealing Foam AU$ 40
LL12 x Locking Latch AU$ 25
Product value: AU$
Freight fee: AU$
Total price: AU$
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Product availability as per each product's website.
Dispatch from: Australia.
To arrange pick-up from our workshop, please contact us.
Prices include GST/VAT. Freight includes transit insurance.
Liability for errors, misprints and omissions excluded.