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Twice the space - twice the fun!

Product#: BA01
Price: AU$ 700   (€ 790; US$ 740)

Product availability: see further below

The Taiga trailer tent follows the same modular concept all our products enjoy and can be doubled in size by attaching the Taiga Add-on Room. The roof panel features our renowned Silverguard technology to keep the area cooler and can be set up without the side walls, in case an awning is all that is required. The Add-on Room also comes with a removable floor, creating a fully concealed environment capable of sleeping four more adults.

The walls of the add-on room can be attached individually, which results in a number of advantages. For example a single wall can be installed if all you require is privacy protection from one particular direction. Also, if a single wall gets damaged you don't have to replace the whole add-on room.

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