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 Savannah дополнительная комната 
 Savannah комната с сеткой от мошек 
 Savannah душевая  
 Taiga дополнительная комната 
 Taiga душевая  
 Camper Trailers 
 Автомобильные навесы 
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The flexible allrounder

Продукт#: OFR
Цена: depending on configuration, see below

At this stage our camper trailers are only available from our European base and not available on other continents.

The Gordigear Offroad is based on many years of experience in the Australian camper trailer market. Very rarely is a camper trailer used solely offroad and in most cases a preceeding trip on tarmac is part of the journey. Both aspects were combined when we developed the Gordigear Offroad. Its great roadability comes into play when travelling on motorways or rural roads.

With its low weight, oversized axle, corrosion-protected aluminium body and highly rigid chassis, it then tackles every challenge beyond sealed roads. A great combination, of course hand made in Germany.

This trailer can be configured with the following tents (click on tent name, for further information):

Taiga  Savannah   Explorer  Explorer Plus 140см 

Specifications and configurations in accordance with customer preferences, a sample configuration would be:

  • sturdy hot-dip galvanised frame
  • ALKO maintenance-free rubber spring axle with individual suspension
  • 2 wheel braked, axle with reversing mechanism
  • ALKO Profi long life bowden cable with longer lifespan and better break efficiency
  • ALKO spherical-head coupler with safety display
  • base plate made from anti-skid, waterproof mesh print board
  • 50cm high aluminium walls made from 25mm anodised dropside profiles with internal reinforcements
  • rear door, side hinged
  • aluminium chequer plate mudguards with steps
  • mudguard steps extend full trailer length
  • protected trailer lights, 13-pole plug
  • 2 stabilising legs
  • axle shock absorbers and certification for 100 km/h registration
  • trailer tent is mounted flat onto the trailer and can be removed via 4 quick release clamps

The following trailer upgrades are available:

Option Details
V-drawbar recomended for offroad deployment
drawbar extension drawbar can be extended to customer's specifications (required for 3 or more bike carriers)
bike carrier up to 4 Thule bike carriers mounted onto drawbar
jerry can jerry can for 20L fuel or water inclusive mounting bracket
spare wheel mounted on side wall
heavy duty hinge heavy duty hinge for tail gate, required for installation of a camp kitchen
drawbar lock coupling secured against theft
comfort bed Froli comfort bed springs for trailer tent
customised colour side walls, lid, mudguards and stabilising legs powder-coated (not applicable to grey plastic corner extrusions), axle and drawbar spray-painted
lid for dust- and waterproof tent mounting

Please get in contact with us if you require a quote or assistance with your camper trailer configuration.

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