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    Customer review Gordigear trailer tent
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Customer review Gordigear trailer tent (Iceland)

We used the Gordigear trailer tent already in spring 2011 during our stay in the Netherlands. The weather conditions were dry, -5°C to +10°C, with light wind. The tent made a good impression, the canvas dries very quickly when wet and setting the tent up is very simple.

The next test was on the island of Rømø in Denmark, June 2011. The weather conditions were intermittent light showers, storm at wind speeds between 5 and 6. The tent worked very well again, even in stormy circumstances setup was without problems. The storm had nothing on the tent, which was solid as a rock.

For the baptism of fire, we took the tent to Iceland in summer 2011. Iceland, a isle of extremes, where we encountered temperatures between -3°C and +25°C, storms that reached hurricane strength and monsoon-like downpours. It was in these conditions that the Gordigear trailer tent proved its worth. Even in storms it wouldn't budge. Setup was as easy on volcanic ash as it was on rocky surfaces in the highlands.

Artwork and/or text courtesy of Walter Johannsen.