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    Artcar TV - From Germany to Tibet
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Artcar TV - From Germany to Tibet

For quite some time now I've had my expedition vehicle 'Bluey' and I always wanted to send it on an epic journey. The time has finally come and from the end of May 2012 I'll try to make my way to Tibet. The trip is planned for a duration of approximately 10 months / 300 days. In my professional life I'm a freelance cameraman and photo artist in my hometown Munich. I've been in this trade for over 15 years now and considered an institution of the local media industry - I've witnessed some of the craziest movie productions. Without a doubt, I will experience strange and spectacular events on my journey and I want to record them with both, pen and camera.

Matthias maintains an entertaining blog, containing many interesting videos, photos and travel journals: artcartv.blogspot.com