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    Zambia and Malawi with a Gordigear roof tent
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Zambia and Malawi with a Gordigear roof tent

... wir just arrived back from another Africa trip and are as usual over the moon regarding the quality of your tent! We were approached many times and questioned about the tent's design and materials and we always are full of praise!

A quick summary of our Zambia and Malawi stint: we start out from Livingstone, drive north via Kafue National Park, navigate venturesome pontoons and visit the Chimpanzee Relief Project Chimfunshi. Onward it goes through Congo and we camp at the remote Lumangwe- and Kabweluma Water Falls in the northern part of the country. Before subjecting ourselves to the corrugated roads that lead to North-Luangwa National Park, we enjoy the 40 degree hot springs of Kapishiya. Once we arrive at the National Park, we have the opportunity to observe lions during breeding season and conduct a few walking safaris. Luambe National Park features impressive hippo herds and at South-Luangwa National Park we meet wild dogs, genets and cervicals. When we finally arrive in Malawi, we bring the trip to an end at a lake, where we dive and watch stunning sunsets. Enclosed are a handful of photos ...

Artwork and/or text courtesy of Dani & Werner.