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    Savannah Trailer Tent in Morocco
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Savannah Trailer Tent in Morocco

Three years ago we bought a Gordigear Savannah trailer tent. Several 'test trips' to Italy and Croatia enabled us confirm suitability of the tent for daily use and the trailer's off-road capability. It also allowed us to fine tune the setup for our particular needs. In 2014 we travelled for five weeks to Morocco. Not only did we have an interesting journey, we also made many new friends and broadened our horizon. The weather in Morocco came as a bit of a surprise, we were prepared for the intense heat, but it can get very cold in the mountains, too. At times we had heavy fog and strong winds. We even had some rain. The Savannah tent has endured this journey unharmed and we were impressed with how it stood up to strong winds. We are very happy with your tent and all added up, we have spent at least a couple of months in it. We still can't think of anything that would be more suitable to our travel needs.

Tack för text och/eller bilder till Gerhard Brenda.