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    Christmas in the Baltic States
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Christmas in the Baltic States

Our journey into the cold but beautiful Baltic States lasted from Christmas to Epiphany, including New Years Eve. We had planned the trip as a mixture between cultural and natural sights, and it worked out quite well that way. Especially during the colder months of the year such a mix is advisable, because you find yourself back in civilisation every other night. During the summer months, a solar shower or a quick dive into a creek are all that's needed, but when the temperatures never rise above zero degree, then the occasional creature comfort contributes significantly to everybody's mood (and hygiene!).

We travelled all the way up the western coast to Tallinn and made our way back south in the east. To make the trip through Poland more interesting, we included a stopover in Kraków. We were a little bit exhausted, as the temperatures rarely climbed over -10°C by then, during the nights is was around -20°C and less. During the night we didn't notice the cold all that much, as we were tucked away snug in our tent, however getting out of bed in the morning was a torture. It was more than worth it though as we were rewarded with unique winter wonderlands and experiences, such as walking on a frozen ocean. This trip really is highly recommendable for people that enjoy nature, culture and culinary art. Even more so if one has a fascination for the remnants of the Soviet Union. Hint: The Baltic States practice a so-called 'freedom-to-roam', which means that free camping is allowed pretty much everywhere.

Artwork and/or text courtesy of Martin Dreisiebner.