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    Three Weeks in Romania
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Three Weeks in Romania

We leave for Romania, Gordigear roof tent loaded onto our roof racks and the rest of the cargo area is full with things that are needed for a 3 week holiday. By the end of it, we will have travelled approx. 4,900km and still only have seen half the country. Romania is a beautiful country, with a spectacular landscape and (still) plenty of nature. We went via Arad, then towards the Maramureș, where it feels like having time-travelled to another century - simply stunning with old wooden huts and benign people. Chooks, pigs, sheep and cattle roam the streets freely. The camp ground called in 'Babou' near Breb can only be recommended. On our return journey we passed Brasov, Bicaz and the Red Sea, but unfortunately it was very rainy. We spent a few days in Brasov as well as in Viscri and Biertan where we saw plenty of little villages. Prior to visiting friends in the Wachau Valley, our journey took us to Schäßburg and of course Sibiu (Hermannstadt). We had lots of fun, drove many offroad tracks and always felt safe and welcome. It was a terrific time and we'll definintely be back for more.

Tack för text och/eller bilder till Alex Kampmeier.