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    Taiga Installation and Maiden Voyage
Taiga Installation and Maiden Voyage

Please find attached some pictures of the Taiga in use overnight last week - it was great as the campsite is 75kms from home and down a 30km dirt road (takes about 75mins to get there) and we were set up 90mins after leaving home! The fast set up time means that we can get out and use it even for short breaks like that. Take down was as quick, so the sheer usability of it makes it so that we will use it a lot. Please also find attached some pictures of the installation of our Taiga to our trailer, it went on really nicely and the tip about the zip was great. We didn't end up hinging it, and made some 'wings' to hold the tent to the trailer out of stainless steel angle as that then allowed a direct connection to the frame underneath. I also didn't realise I had the trailer such a close match to the transport cover - it's a stock colour from one of the paint suppliers here...

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