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    Shower Room Adds Camping Comfort
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Shower Room Adds Camping Comfort

Hi Gordigear, I thought you might like to see how our new setup is working. The car awning and shower room have been an excellent addition and have been very useful in the conditions - often very cold and/or wet and/or windy or any combination of the above. We sat out a 40 knot gale tucked in behind some very dense shrubbery in Princetown. The tent shook in the heavy gusts but it didn't falter - for which we thank you. I guy rope the awning at one end to the trailer and stake the other out so it is nice and stable. It provides us with a covered sitting and cooking area and a covered entry to the tent. Marilyn loves the 'en-suite'. We've camped at some distance from the loos in some of the parks we have used and she feels much safer not having to wander around after dark. We are now at Hawks Nest on the north side of Port Stephens staying with friends. Then it's down to Canberra (brrrr). Still loving the gear.

Artwork and/or text courtesy of Marilyn & John Newman.