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    Switching from Roof Tent to Trailer Tent
Switching from Roof Tent to Trailer Tent

We just sold our Gordigear rooftop tent and annexe for $600.00 on Gumtree within 48 hours of advertising. In 2010, it cost us a bit over $1300.00. It means that the tent cost us about $100.00 a year, which is a very good deal to have a 'mobile hotel', which was located in almost all parts of Australia. The person who bought it, had an ARB tent previously and was very impressed with the big windows, the thickness of mattress etc. of the Gordigear roof tent. We just had a 3 weak test run with our new Gordigear Savannah Trailer Tent. We were very happy with the speed of setting it up, the space and quality of the product. We did not have any rain but were able to wet and dry it several times whilst in a caravan park. We were also impressed with the low cost of pulling the trailer. We used 8.2 litres of diesel per 100 km with a fully loaded trailer compared to 7.4 litres per 100 km without the trailer, using a Nissan X-trail. I think to be able to pull it for less than $1.50 per 100 km sounds very good for the wallet and the environment.

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