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    Gordigear Awning and Roof Tent in Iceland
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Gordigear Awning and Roof Tent in Iceland

This summers trip (3 weeks) was really wet, and the tent and awning were packed wet quite a few times. Nevertheless, at no time did any water or even the smallest bit of moisture get inside the tent - So we slept nice and dry the whole trip. The awning is one great addition to the camping setup, keeping us out of the rain when cooking and extending the evenings when the dew falls. As you can see from one of the photos, the canvas really repels the rain into small droplets that run off the material. So all in all we can say that this summer too, the Gordigear gear has worked as it should. Best regards from Denmark!

Obra de arte y / o texto cortesía de Klavs F. Jørgensen.