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    Taiga Feedback After Two Years in Action
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Taiga Feedback After Two Years in Action

"We've finally made it to Mount Compass. The weather here is frigid (for West Aussies). Despite the cold and sometimes wet conditions over the last month or so, we are thoroughly enjoying touring what is new territory for us. We will now spend a week touring around Lake Alexandria, the Murray mouth, Goolwa and the various wine districts down here on the Fleurieu Peninsula. It got so cold of a night Marilyn bought an electric fan heater, so now we have to use powered sites. After being sceptical about the purchase, I now accept that her judgement was spot on - it is not quite 4 pm and we have it going. As always, the tent continues to impress us with its performance in wet and windy conditions. We calculate that we have erected and packed it up about 120 times so far in the 2 years we have had it - and we haven't left SE South Australia yet. Since we built our 'rig' Marilyn has been recording the places we have been on the face panel under the bed. It is an eclectic mix of locations and types of camp sites from bush camps to expensive caravan parks. There are 118 locations mentioned and we have been to a couple of others that we didn’t record. Needless to say, we are very practised at setting up and pulling down the Taiga tent. The tent has been our home for about 10 of the last 16 months, travelling about 50,000 kms and it has performed incredibly well. Thank you for supplying such a great product and backing it up with exemplary customer service."

Artwork and/or text courtesy of Marilyn & John Newman.